Getting to bed

Customised the page to our photo just now! Yay! Had to 美图秀秀 to mask our identities. Though the LGBT frat is gaining acceptance, we are only out to those close to us or unfortunately, ex-colleagues.

Every day and night I spent a good amount of time on mobile gaming. Jewel mania kept me company through boredom, leisure and plain denial. At least an hour or at max, even five to ten on the weekends. Finding out the time fast forwarding to get free tokens is causing greater harm than good. Beyond my initial candy crush addiction, I actually drowned myself swopping jewels. I think my eyesight is deteriorating from too much late night playing. I strained to read the supermarket labels, blaming it on the stringy fonts. From boxes, frozen cube, snakeheads to expanding fires. It just got more exciting. Not sure if bb is still playing this, so just sticking to her bedtime candy crush whose music lulls her to sleep.

Done like 3 – 4 hours of email, website and conference planning today. Will be attending a course for next 1.5 days which meant more email clearing at night.

Mum asked me for 300 bucks citing that she does not want the bank to charge her the admin fee of 2.00 for a 500 and below deposit. I reminded her gently of the 800 which she claimed to borrow that time on the exact same pretext and for utilities bills. She lamented that she has only 700 in monthly allowance from my siblings (indirectly saying that I did not give her any). She said she ll pay me back 100 bucks per month for the earlier loan. I don’t mean to not give her the petty sum, but do not want to foster her habit of coming to me all the time. Not when we all knew of her addiction to 4d. It was later that I knew that my sis had accidentally delayed her allowance due to her study leave that I felt a bit guilty for guilt-tripping her earlier.

It was a wet Sunday and I did not make my way to bb’s house to collect the mail that I had WRONGFULLY neglected. Will fetch it tomorrow or on Tuesday and email it to bb.

I need to atone for my sins and show bb by actions on how much I mean to her, besides always telling her crappy things about myself, my family and my work.

Today is the second day of the week for her and I know she is up to her ears at work. Especially when they need to submit the post-event report with details. Hope she had managed to figure out the page orientation setting that I had sent to her that time.

Shall head to bed and rest the tired eyes which had been blasting fires all day long. Misses her badly..






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