Saturday movie night on bed – the night watch

The night watch is a nice movie that I just finished watching. It has an interesting start cos it tells you the story from midway, just like entering the cinema at the second half of the show and slowly unraveling the stories of the individual characters – a 3-sided les triangle, a gay boy who chickened out of a suicide pact and a mistress who had an illegal abortion. Nice !

Kind of those indie art flim movies which casts unknowns but with a nice storytelling format and great cinematography. Set in the 1940s and coupled with air raids, it creates a sense of gloom intensified by each character’s yearning for a stable regular relationship.

Sentiments of societal norms permeates till today. I don’t think many will appreciate such films nor be ready to accept the bravery of those who dare to stick out for what they believe and love. Much of which rather keep to themselves and live a seemingly quiet existence in private.

I never do shout nor do hide my affections. I guess I am one of those that lives in a self-conjured world of bliss, not bound by the lawful conjugal nuptials. But I do remember trying to steal a kiss at Ntuc in our early months of dating which was frowned upon by bb.

I probably won’t live to witness any radical change by our government nor society. Let’s just not waste our efforts pushing the envelope further. They are just tolerating , no point forcing endorsement through legal permissions.


Happy birthday ah ma

五月初五is never the same since ah ma left.. I miss her so much. Just by walking down the aisle of rochor centre is enough to have tears dwell in my eyes. An annual extended family celebration no more…

Weekend with no work

There is work nagging at me but I just refused to do because I overworked myself last week. Just wanted to zonk out for the weekend becos of NGL.

Had indomie for dinner cos the hiam meat smelt abit fishy and I was afraid I would puke after eating, esp when I m sensitive to smell.

Watched a nice movie called upside down today. About a pair of star-crossed lovers who lived it different worlds and how the male protagonist risked his life just to meet with the love of his life. Interesting futuristic setting and it sets me thinking about how ethnocentric people can be, insisting that they are of a superior race. This often happens when we travel and many a times, our ugly heads are reared when things fall short of standards.

Mum is very proud of her lucky bamboo plant which she ‘bathes’ frequently and I am suspecting that she does seek 4d numbers from it, once in a while.

Heavy duty meeting at 830am tmr and guess it ll translate to more work since its a mega project that even the CEO needs to be consulted.

Interviewing some guy this week or next week. Hopefully can make it so that can ease my load abit.

Painful afternoon

Tug tug tug… The pain of NGL (那個來) starts from the afternoon. Affected my 仁心解碼II watching efforts and thought that a nap will alleviate the pain.

It stopped for the past few minutes and now it’s back.. Looks like it ll be a bedridden weekend!

Angsty me

Just flared at mum over her retort. Why can’t she respect people ‘s decision and not insisting for others to accept the recovery actions?

Instead of service recovery, she is creating more animosity! I am back to ground zero like Monday. On my bed, feeling really blue and with tears in my eyes.

I miss ah ma… If only ah ma is still around, I miss her so much. If I should ever die, just put my ashes in a container next to ah ma.

School’s starting and I certainly fear the juggling of assignments and work. Hopefully we can hire more people fast so that I can delegate the work to them.

There is an announcement for the 0.4month bonus in July. Pathetic isn’t it, still deem an improvement from 0.3 month last year. Oh gosh!

Tonight’s jay Chou concert in Sg. A pity bb’s not around. Or else I sure get the tickets to watch it with her…

Sleepy Friday

Decided to head back early cos deadpan tired. Been late entire week and need to give my body a rest.

Learnt todAy that heat exhaustion is not caused by weather, but caused by a weak immune system(prolonged period, not just the day) and the body’s reaction to heat. Secondly, that over drinking can kill and one must drink to moderation.

A long weekend with zilch plans. Still got leftover work which should be done in six to eight hours. Maybe go walk and relax myself tomorrow. Not sure if should check out the singex it fair since I have nothing to do anyway. Roamed whole of ion earlier in the week le. Didn’t find much to buy for myself. Maybe I can go to the museum tomorrow. Been wanting to visit Sam and now that it is free.. Sounds like a good plan.

13-hour work day

Oh gosh!! I am so tired! Arrived at 8am, left at 9pm with tonnes of work yet to be completed !

Conference work has so much nitty gritty and it’s not helping with the lack of help. Budget , reports, minutes and more! Sheeesh!!!!!!

Shall go sleep and wake up early for yet another hectic day. Sigh!