Shopping alone…

Class ended at 5pm today and decided to go orchard since it is very near. Reached at 5.17pm and left at 9 plus.

Contemplated long and hard if I should have a cuppa tea and some tea-infused macarons at TWG. Very tempting but decided against it as I would be caught in the mall-closing jam at the car park. Don’t really feel like heading home and yet feeling really sleepy. Knowing myself, I would have been very much awake after shower.

不知何去何从。咖啡店或麦当劳或just 爬回家埋头大睡呢?哪有场所可以容纳一个无头绪的我?无聊的我、无可理豫的我。理性的我。理由多多的我。

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