Angsty me

Just flared at mum over her retort. Why can’t she respect people ‘s decision and not insisting for others to accept the recovery actions?

Instead of service recovery, she is creating more animosity! I am back to ground zero like Monday. On my bed, feeling really blue and with tears in my eyes.

I miss ah ma… If only ah ma is still around, I miss her so much. If I should ever die, just put my ashes in a container next to ah ma.

School’s starting and I certainly fear the juggling of assignments and work. Hopefully we can hire more people fast so that I can delegate the work to them.

There is an announcement for the 0.4month bonus in July. Pathetic isn’t it, still deem an improvement from 0.3 month last year. Oh gosh!

Tonight’s jay Chou concert in Sg. A pity bb’s not around. Or else I sure get the tickets to watch it with her…


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