Weekend with no work

There is work nagging at me but I just refused to do because I overworked myself last week. Just wanted to zonk out for the weekend becos of NGL.

Had indomie for dinner cos the hiam meat smelt abit fishy and I was afraid I would puke after eating, esp when I m sensitive to smell.

Watched a nice movie called upside down today. About a pair of star-crossed lovers who lived it different worlds and how the male protagonist risked his life just to meet with the love of his life. Interesting futuristic setting and it sets me thinking about how ethnocentric people can be, insisting that they are of a superior race. This often happens when we travel and many a times, our ugly heads are reared when things fall short of standards.

Mum is very proud of her lucky bamboo plant which she ‘bathes’ frequently and I am suspecting that she does seek 4d numbers from it, once in a while.

Heavy duty meeting at 830am tmr and guess it ll translate to more work since its a mega project that even the CEO needs to be consulted.

Interviewing some guy this week or next week. Hopefully can make it so that can ease my load abit.


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