Saturday movie night on bed – the night watch

The night watch is a nice movie that I just finished watching. It has an interesting start cos it tells you the story from midway, just like entering the cinema at the second half of the show and slowly unraveling the stories of the individual characters – a 3-sided les triangle, a gay boy who chickened out of a suicide pact and a mistress who had an illegal abortion. Nice !

Kind of those indie art flim movies which casts unknowns but with a nice storytelling format and great cinematography. Set in the 1940s and coupled with air raids, it creates a sense of gloom intensified by each character’s yearning for a stable regular relationship.

Sentiments of societal norms permeates till today. I don’t think many will appreciate such films nor be ready to accept the bravery of those who dare to stick out for what they believe and love. Much of which rather keep to themselves and live a seemingly quiet existence in private.

I never do shout nor do hide my affections. I guess I am one of those that lives in a self-conjured world of bliss, not bound by the lawful conjugal nuptials. But I do remember trying to steal a kiss at Ntuc in our early months of dating which was frowned upon by bb.

I probably won’t live to witness any radical change by our government nor society. Let’s just not waste our efforts pushing the envelope further. They are just tolerating , no point forcing endorsement through legal permissions.

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