Consecutive intoxication for 3 days!

Sheesh !! Since when I had drank so much sia.. The last I remembered was probably 2009-2010, to soothe my loneliness.

Acted like some spg on Thursday, loved the conversations with lovely colleagues and of cos celebrating my love for the arts with a bubbly!

Everyday I toggle – defending my choice and doubting my choice. Society is never forgiving, bb is always temperamental and the typical ‘what-ifs’. Maybe, surely , some what, or rather, possibility, hey, sure.

Optic trilogy stimulated some reflection of sort. Looking out, rather than looking close where one could see your own reflection. Had looked through my fb page for the past two years. Lotsa memories flew back and lots of fats were lost and gained.

Never been comfortable with my body since young and I guess it’s now or never again. Looking frumpy is not acceptable at 34 and I do want to fit into my playsuit and that brown dress! Aim to shed some by October and look hot. Aim to not while time away on stupid games. Aim to make a difference in a life called mine, for myself and I.


Ps. Hurts me to see divisions amongst the elderly due to pettiness and pride. Ah ma loved all of you.. Sobs..

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