Vday scolding

I m very sad. I just got chided for treating her workplace like a playground. When feelings fade, such surprises became unwelcome and deemed as disturbance.

On a day that lovers celebrate their love. Mine treated me coldly with a callous heart. So much for being such a hopeless romantic. I could still remember the time that you sent me flowers even when I was still in the club and once when I was in current office. I was so happy. It brought instant tears in office, on the way home and even now while typing this.

How long do you want to treat me so badly? Go ask around, how many pple will make time specially for their loved ones and I was still thinking to start collating the photos for our anniversary in next month. I can’t even bring myself to thank the bakery for going the extra mile. Because I am not even sure she got the items. Sobs.. No one cares…beneath the crazy exterior, lies a broken hearted wretched doll. One that no one sees and no one loves. At all. Or at least. Anymore.

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