A leisure afternoon

A leisure afternoon with mom spent in our newest heartland mall. Just mindless chatter and idle shopping without stress.

Bumping into an old lady in a wheelchair reminds us both of gramps. I was trying so hard to stifle my emotions that I dare not take another look. Coincidentally, an acquaintance’s gramps just passed away and I tear at typing the condolence message. Ah ma! I miss you so much and wish we had more time together. Trying to make up to my parents what I had missed over the past decade while staying out with bb.

Mum remarked that bb is cold in her replies. I could only give the excuse that she is busy rather than risk letting her know that we are at cold war. It has been three months since and I wish bb could befriend me again. Every single hour I thought of her and miss her so much. The thought of being shut out sometimes drive me raving mad and yet I know I can’t do a thing about it.

Wish I could bring her to Tiffany and co and choose our anniversary ring together. Bb… I love u !!!

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