A brand new March = a brand new me!

Though the invitation for dinner with a colleague sounds tempting, I was bent on getting my aqua workout. Only managed to do a feeble 12 laps within about 45 minutes and swallowed quite a bit of chlorinated water.

Thinking of getting an instructor to learn to swim properly than to keep straining my neck to keep my nose above water. Shall see how these two months pan out first before deciding further.

It’s our 10th year anniversary this 31 March 2014 with the cold and distant bb. On hindsight, I should hath known better than to pick a quarrel with her in those circumstances. She is really unfathomable and this time she is angry for a long time. Not sure if I should still manage a gift or to await her return in April. I am not sure if I could deal with the emotional turmoil when she returns.

Damn. I feel like puking again. Is it the chlorinated water or my dinner or just psychological effects. I need to go.

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