Gaps in knowledge

Bb had placed me in cold storage for the past 4 months. After I sent her recommendations for movies that had won the oscars awards, she sent me a barrage of hostile email. The last was quite mellowed and shared the difficulties she had recently experienced – change of boss, resignation of supportive client, death of close colleague and a month-long illness.

I am saddened that I was not able to provide her with emotional support in such times of need and felt worst when I realised where this relationship seems to be heading. It sounds like 2009 is repeating itself and I truly don’t want to go through another nerve wrecking break up. How many times can the same someone just keeps breaking my heart? Because I allowed her to, time and time again.

If time can heal, it should.
If you can love, you should.

This too shall pass. 😔

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