Happy Anniversary! – I love you, I did and I still do.


In another two days’, it will be our 10th year anniversary.

I had thought about the anniversary gift for my bb since february -a pair of couple rings from tiffany & co, a mont blanc keychain, a rolex watch and a album collage of photographs. Needless to say, she is still angry with me and I am just wrapping myself up in denial. Pretending that it’s still a happy anniversary, one to celebrate my love for her. With or without her. Most preferred with her, but at this stage, it’s beyond my preference as I will never be in control anyway.

2004 – Puppy Love blossoms and I moved in with her probably after less than half a year

2005- Building our love nest and enjoying domestic bliss. We went Hong Kong.

2006 – I changed jobs and she went astray.  We bought a car. Things went in the doldrums.

2007 – She left for overseas assignment. I visited her.

2008 – A year of long distance relationship while we both built our careers. We went Bangkok.

2009 – She dumped me. I was devastated. I worked out and lost over 10kg.

2010 – She returned. We reconnected and lived together in a rented flat.   

2011- After grandma passed away, I had to go paris for work. She came along. 

2012 – We bought our flat. She left for overseas assigment again. Visited her overseas with mum.

2013 – She came back often – 4 times in the whole year. Found our favourite mall in Johor Bahru – KSL city.

2014 – Horrors. I’ve been ignored.

I started this blog last year to document our loving moments so that I can show her and we can reminiscene together. However, it had turned into a ranting ground. A much bigger space than Twitter where I could ink my many thoughts. I do think a lot and feel a lot. I think I am a dreamer – a pretty unrealistic one. There are many nights that I can’t sleep and I relied heavily on my phone to keep me entertained. I feed on social media like a teenager – two facebook accounts, twitter, youtube, wordpress and multiple bookmarks on safari to commentaries, trashy sites, food blogs and more.

I used to keep two blogs on blogspot and they are dormant right now. After creating this blog on wordpress, I love its look and feel and quite enjoyed the many reads from ‘Freshly Pressed’. Leaving comments for those that I could relate to and following those I think i will like to read more. It had kept my bedtime entertained and prompted to attempt to write better. To think thoroughly what I wanted to say, than being a ranter all the time. Life is more than just BB, though I ranked love as one of my top 5 values.

I will be happy if in 2 days’ time, as you realised the importance of the date and I do cross your mind. I really hope that you will be fine again.

Happy Anniversary BB! I love you, for now and for always. (even though you hate me now)

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