A daily post – letters

Created this image more than a year back whilst at the east coast park.

Feeling the brunt of a toxic long term relationship which one party is still holding on longingly and lovingly. Needless to say, who is that one.

If only life was so simple, where you can wash away your feelings with every crest or trough.

Happiness and sadness in love comes together in a bundle. I guess I will still choose the bundle all over again.

A year later, I am still holding on. Is it strong or blind faith? We both know the answers.





Love works in wondrous ways

While I was hurting and aching a week ago regarding your physical presence locally, you kept away for the entire week.

Once you had physically departed, a calm serenity descends and a whole load of contemplation to ‘let it go’ engulfs me.

Yet out of the blue, a barrage of photos and words via email flowed like an L5 rapid for 24 hours. How am I supposed to do with you?

I can’t live without you. You can’t live with me.

We live independently and yet seems dependable on each other indeed.

Love works in wondrous ways indeed!

P.s. Grand Hotel Budapest is one quirky movie that enthralls your sense of dark sardonic wit and beguiles you with its misshaped A-listers.

Turn North

Turn North.</

Could totally relate to this. Favourited love is not easily angered and keeps no records of wrongs. For a decade, I stood on eggshells and is constantly berated when it is not in her favour.

Maybe we are really not meant to be together at all.


I kept refreshing my email to hear from you last night. I cried myself to sleep this morning. I grappled with the thought of how can you be so cruel to me? I wondered why I don’t even deserve a word of thanks.

After so much waiting, ‘many thanks’ appeared. Is that it ? Are you going to really avoid me? Can you just conveniently erase me off your life? You have no time for me at all? The person who did Everything that you need for the entire decade selflessly ?

You said you are busy. Are you that busy? Are they all so worthy of your attention? I think you are better off alone. You don’t deserve me at all. Not a single bit.

Let it go. Let it go. Don’t hold it back anymore. I can be like Elsa. I will be strong. I think I can find others to love me. Even if they love me less, it won’t be as meagre as yours.

I will live my life separately then. If you rather not hear from me, then let it be. It’s your loss, not mine. Get it farking straight. 😖