Re-acquaintance with adrenaline

Having been sedentary for the past 3 years citing workload and lack of need to keep up with my appearance, the bulge had caught up.

Having lost over 10kg in 2009-2010, half of it had returned since. My heaviest in the past six months would be 59kg and my feeble heart cannot handle it if the scale hits the big 6.

Given the recent vacation and cash loan from bb, I think I had enough of her creating such ripples in my life. She doesn’t care about me anymore. I should hath known better. To make myself feel better, I will make myself look better.

This is a quest for an image overhaul and to have a brand new me by 2015. An 8-month project to be body beautiful. I started with my first run last Saturday and a second today. There will be more and adrenaline will be my new best friend.

Going for lyrical dance class tomorrow and will be helping out for some volleyball tournament on Saturday.

When life throws u lemons, make lemonade. Life is too short to keep waiting for someone ‘s meagre attention. Stop guilt tripping me when you and I both know the repertoire. It has been a few years since you stayed out of trouble. Dun re-create all these. I am tired of all the drama and I am only human.

All I ever wanted is a simple life and to be loved. I gave everything I could and all I had are scraps of love thrown to me at whim. Maybe I am not cut out for your love in the first place. I need to stop crying and feel sorry. Love was never meant to be like this.

I am rebuilding my life. A new lease with new sights. I had enough. Thanks.

New targets:
1. Reduce body weight to 45kg.
2. Improve skin complexion
3. Wardrobe overhaul
4. Cosmetic enhancement
5. Stop being hurt

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