Turning nocturnal

I think I am turning nocturnal. My sleep patterns are all messed up. It’s already 2am and I am still wide-eyed. By morning, I would be groggy and lacklustre by afternoon.

Are there so much on my mind? I am not working and studying hard enough. Praying fervently that my trip gets approved as I need a short break (preferably paid by work) come July.

Trying to be miss nice-ty as always. Recently ‘seeing’ more than I should and doesn’t seem to help my lil fren. Can’t say more le lah. People enjoy it, Mai let them lor. Mai kaypoh. Hahaha.

Awaiting excitement with bated breath. Does it mean I need a new blog again? This is a third liao Lu. How much personal cyber space I need?

Try counting sheep from 100 backwards. Hope I won’t be peering at this screen again by 1. Jia you!

Limiting food intake is so tough! But I am sure I am up for the challenge. Hahaha. Nothing’s too tough. Been there and done that before right? Come on. A higher target is better than a lower one.


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