Thank you for opening the platinum account

Thank you for your interests in applying online for an account for phone betting yesterday.

You are so smart to list my telephone number and didn’t think for a second that they would contact me?

This is it.

It affirms once again that you are an incorrigible gambler. Once again chasing after the losses and dreaming of the elusive wins. Never thinking of how you cannot afford to lose, even that single dollar.

I am very tired of all these. Stop telling me that you are going bersek. All these are consequences of your own doings. I am sure part of you blames me, that I made you stay away for lunar new year and then be introduced to Philippines. You will never think of me, when I cried for hours at night and cleaned the house in tears.

I still don’t understand what you mean by keeping the single bed empty for you. Do you still think I would want to stay with you while living in separate rooms? I guess I had enough.

I will still do some cleaning and putting the bed sheets but I won’t stay over. I will only appear on wed to pick you. I hath my life to lead and you chose not to be part of it. I had given you so many chances that I lost count.

Adieu. Good luck with the bets.


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