I reckoned we had gone through the following routine many times.

1. Whenever we are out and you are unhappy over my remark, you would asked to be sent home.

2. I had to go pay for the item.

3. You are emo whenever you feel broke and can’t afford something.

4. You tell me about your happier times without me or spending lavishly on others.

5. You talking nicely to me about the things that happened to me in the months that you do not want to communicate with me.

I know I should have gone cycling on my own instead. I think you wish you did not ask me instead. What is the point of being together anymore ? Are we even deemed still a couple?

It pained me to see you looking so thin and wan. I really feel like holding you in my arms and tell you that I will settle everything for you. But this sounds all too familiar ! Time and time you get into the same trouble and yet you adamantly refused to admit you had a compulsive gambling problem.

But it irks me when the boastful nature rears it’s ugly head. You jus lost 4 massage chairs in Philippines. It is all your own doing. When you are enjoying your happier times, did you think of the girl who is sleeping on tear-soaked pillows and taking the train.

I have made up my mind. I will not be manipulated again. A decade of guilt tripping is enough. Never again.

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