Judgement day

Tomorrow’s critical. It ll affect her life forever. I offered to stay this time but she rejected me. Well, that was the least I could do.

I was quite taken aback about the mitigation. I did remember her saying but not about me taking the stand. Maybe she was not clear and I never ask enough.

I was feeling a tad guilty for not asking her regarding tomorrow when she rather burrow in self-pity.

I was pissed when she repeatedly said that we had not have a decent conversation in years. Why does others have no problems communicating with me ? How much does it take to open your mouth to share your thoughts? You chose to shut me out and you lack the cognitive ability as well as general knowledge to engage in a meaningful conversation. So stop pointing the gun barrel at me for every single insecurity of yours or fault that you find in our relationship.

Be thankful that I stayed long enough with your antics which absolutely have NOTHING to do with fate /destiny that your stupid stepmother pointed out to you. It’s just an uneducated (as well as misguided) way of assigning blame.

Heading to dreamland and can’t wait for it to be finally over. My friends are praying for you and please be appreciative of this indirect sympathy. They love me loads and I am grateful for their support.

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