Lost a post

Couldn’t locate a post that I wrote earlier. About letting go of someone. Perhaps shall hunt it down on a pc instead. Might have been shared on a draft or something. Can’t believe it’s missing since this app had been pretty reliable all these while.

‘If you don’t mind, I am eating.’ This is as good as telling me to shut the fark up. You can always say ‘ttyl, eating’. You can choose not to reply, until later. Do you have to answer me in that tone? Mind you, whose food that you are eating right now? Without me, you won’t have a roof over your head. Without me, you could have been serving your sentence. Without me, you may say you are better off.

Whatever, I probably should jus stop caring altogether. You are hurting me too much. I really don’t deserve to be treated like this at all. Such condescending and dismissive attitude and always ready to point the blame at me at the slightest thought.

Well oh well. Stop reminding me about the leading one’s own life. You chose to remove u from us. Don’t keep blaming me and guilt tripping me. I have been tormented enough by you. If you can’t be respectful nor sweet, I don’t see the point in clinging onto a loveless relationship. One which I have to beg for love, only to be treated with disdain over and over again. I have my dignity as well and you had trampled on it enough. Never in my life, had I say so many sorries. Never will I again be sorry for all your horror of horrors.

Today, I draw a final closure to end my pain. I won’t ask if you need. You said you are not a cripple. So carry on and get your own food.

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