Our home gets upgraded!

Somehow tonight felt like we are an old couple living together for the past decade. I broke a cup cover in the first two minutes of packing and bb didn’t really scold me (heng ah!!). She told me to be careful and sweep for any tiny pieces of remnants. A couple of minutes later, she went ‘you ah, I need the cup cover for the next few days to keep the dust out’.

She got quite angry when I shoved the plastic bags just into the cupboard and accidentally touch her a few times while putting the masking tape on the ladder. Other than that, we go about our packing in our own ways.

Though I would get so angry with her sometimes, getting a variety of food for her is always priority on my list. I can spent an entire hour walking around to get 5 – 7 types and hang it all over my arms. I just hope she appreciates all these that I had done and treat me better from now onwards. I still love her as much and really want her to turn over a new leaf. We are not young anymore and I don’t want to be old, broke and bitter.

Heading to bed. Long busy week ahead.

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