Discussion that goes nowhere

A discussion will go nowhere when you just keep accusing me of all my wrong doings. Why don’t you take two steps back, look for some wholesome goodness in me, before you start that finger pointing. Then take a tiny step and look at your own actions and behavior, are you proud of them?

Insisting that you do not need counseling is the very reason that you need it. Denial and attribution errors aplenty are what I hope an outsider is able to point out to you.

The purpose of an action plan is to maintain the relationship with more positive emotions and love. You are such a bigot and despite all the explanation, you absolutely miss the entire point. You are just squeaky and negative. It’s not just about me, it’s about learning to control your emotions and change your perception. Stop keeping score!!!!

So much for love. I may be quick to judge, for you made me out to be such. A second later, I won’t be as authentic and true to myself.

You are as happy as you want to be. Being ignorant and sweeping things away are my defense mechanisms and it had helped me a lot. Do not criticise it when you kept getting into trouble in the first plane. No one owes you a living and stop being mean to me.