A pack of lies from a habitual liar

This article is just quite timely. I felt that I could take reference from it a lot. I would like to think she is sincere, but I can’t tell anymore.

Why she has to hide is because she has a lot of lies inside. If I never dig, I never know. I dun want to lead my life as someone ‘s second option. I think I deserves better. I could see her trying but I can’t confirm if she ll ever sway. I am really very saddened that she had lied about the depth. I am going to ask for a discussion and if that don’t happen, prob I can never let it go. My little friend is right, one can never ever recover from infidelity. It’s a scar to your relationship and the trust is lost entirely. You will always doubt.

I am looking for the perfect opportunity, I know I can.

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