A loveless marriage of 10 years?

The more I read, the more my heart gets chilled. It’s been a year since she started cheating on me and I was still the stupid dumb ass doormat who hankers after her affections like a lovelorn puppy.

I have never heard her say I love you for a while. It’s so obvious because she has been giving her love to others instead.

I dunno she is with me now because she realized that she had even cheated? I really dunno and until she writes to herself again, I can’t know more.

I deactivated the gmail notifications so that she won’t ever know. No wonder I couldn’t find any traces in her phone earlier. She was using a separate account. Classic manipulator as well.

Let’s see how the job and everything pans out. I really wasted my prime years, money and time on this weasel. It’s tiring to keep a tight rein and I wonder if she ll stray again once someone younger, prettier comes knocking. Is faithfulness really over rated? I am such a fool. Absolutely!

Chained to the concept of everlasting love. Jamie cullum, don’t sing already!!!!

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