The Forgotten Value Of Commitment

I for one, is absolutely committed for a decade and more. For the person who texted me with ‘ I am fond of you’, left me shackled as a prisoner of love – a willing victim, until recent. To discover what a fool I had .,.

Still trying, grappling and mocking myself. For believing in for now and for always.

James Michael Sama

Ah, commitment. When we think of commitment in relation to today’s relationships, we primarily think it means being with one person. Monogamy. Not cheating. You are committed to that person.


I think, though, it is a word that is thrown around too easily. Much like how we ‘love’ people we barely know and ‘hate’ people we have never met. Words that once had deep meaning and were reserved for those experiences of being gripped at your very core by the emotion you were expressing, have begun to lose their meaning due to overuse.

Using words like love in a brand new relationship where we have not experienced enough of a person to truly know them, waters down the term for those who actually mean it. For those who have built and created it alongside their partner for years. For those who value it for what it is – a deep…

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