Am I hearing things right? Are you asking for my attention or my money to buy those things?

I can’t keep up with your demands. If you keep complaining about my work, at least it is providing the dough for your subsistence and this bloody roof. If I had relied on you, we would have nothing at all.

Stop threatening me and scolding me. My insecurity is stemmed by your actions and your perception of love and beauty. It is because I never felt loved enough by you. All I always felt was criticisms and instructions.

Communication is key. If you had to share your feelings, it is not something negative. I am not a psychic and I cannot tell your daily whims and fancies. You could be happy for the day and fly off the handle the very next second. I am living with a pressure cooker and can you imagine how I felt?

Listen. That night, you told me to ‘go away, don’t touch me’. So I went to my corner and just try to sleep. You get all upset by that. Ain’t that your instructions? If I come any closer, you would have scolded me. And of cos I felt hurt to be rejected by the person I loved the most. Don’t I have a right to feel hurt? Do you even understand the depth of hurt that I hath within me ? I am still reeling in pain by your infidelity.

I admit that I was really busy yesterday and rushed to your side in the evening.

Just got caught.. To be continued.

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