Seasons greetings

I walked for six long hours to get almost twenty presents. It’s amazing how my legs kept me going from shop to shop, floor after floor! Never did I feel the urge to just find a seat, except when I needed the loo.

My boo boo gave me the password to her phone over the weekend. I am elated because like how I read in the various infidelity posts on fb, the WS would willingly surrender access just to show that they hath nothing to hide and wants to move forward.

On the surface, I appear affectionate and patient. Deep down inside, bitterness still resides. I had expressed part of it last week when she got angry with me yet again. At least, she bothered to clarify whom was the person who contacted her. I hope we ll do well again.

Tonight she is abit edgy and I just blame it on the womanly menarche and my busyness in Christmas gift wrapping. She was also neglected as I had to finish my essay yesterday night.

The house is coming to shape. I am just waiting for it to be all mine. Our dream loft which is high up in the skies!!! Here is to many many good things ahead, for us. 2015 onwards, It can only get better! Hurrah.

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