Forgive but never forget

The day started well with her coming to join me in running wedding errands for my sister. We had a nice steak dinner together at our workplace. However disaster struck when she started playing the song and wanted me to try on the bangle.

She wanted me to try on a bangle that she owned and I refused because it might be a love token between her and the OW. I replied with a very harsh no twice and cited that I had my pandora bangle which she has given me before.

She then flew into a rage and start telling me off. That I should not use any of her jewelry or watches and she will never touch anything that belonged to me. She went on to say that she knew what I was unhappy about and said i should leave if I cannot accept it. She continued to blame me for being an absent girlfriend for the past two years. But the irony is, she didn’t break up with me over the past two years and she kept insisting that she didn’t betray me.

Earlier in the evening, she played john legend’so ‘all of me’ on the speaker. I told her to stop that song because I hates it now. She asked me why because she said I introduced it to her. The excuse I gave was that the guy in office kept playing it but the real reason was that she dedicated it to OW on her alter-ego fb profile.

Still grappling with the ill feelings of infidelity. Sigh.

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