Narcissists Have the Personality Traits of An Addict

The more I read, the more I relate.
The more I relate, the more I resign.
The more I resign, the more I detach.
The more I detach, the less I hurt.

I love and hate my narcissistic bb, In the same breath.

After Narcissistic Abuse


Let’s not beat around the bush, Narcissists ARE addicts. Primarily empty vessels but full of shame and envy who make up for their feelings of emptiness through their addiction. What are narcissists addicted to? Supply.

Supply is anything or anyone that gives the narcissist positive affirmation and confirmation of their false identity.

False Identity is “the thing” that narcissists create to give themselves feelings of worthiness and importance. It’s a substitute for true identity, which is based upon realistic positive and negative characteristics that define a person intrinsically and determine the quality of our interactions with others over time.

From there, you can see why its difficult to pin down all the various forms of supply a narcissist can garner to prop up their shanty false image of themselves into one clear cut definition of what narcissists are addicted to.

Where one narcissist might be addicted to fame and fanfare…

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