Good Saturday Morning

I dreamt of bb ! That she spoke of how I slept and cuddled up next to me. When I woke, it is just a dream. She is still this distant person sleeping in the hall. It has been a week and she is still serving me the silent treatment. Just as I thought it got better with an email and photo, she withdrawn again.

I don’t know how long more I can withstand this. It is not just losing her bit by bit, but coming to the realisation of her inability to love me anymore. Is it just towards me or is it her narcissistic personality disorder? I am still nursing from the pain of the infidelity and I am really trying hard to convince myself that there is a future in US by burying the indiscretion.

Yet, I feel the constant blame, bear the brunt of the rude rage and lie in bed to damp pillows. Should I just leave ? Will it make it better?

Sigh. Another horrible weekend.

Let’s see if the arrival of her subordinate will ease the tension.

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