Feeling so alone

I don’t know how long you will want to punish me until. It is very painful and I am hurting like hell. There are choices in life and you chose to be negative about it.

Punishing my family for your outburst. Sure! Just continue treating me like dirt. One day, I ll stand up for myself and make good. I ll try to find someone else to love me, I don’t believe the world stops at you. I once love you so much too, U made me disillusioned ! A person can only hurt so much and it pains me. If you can’t love me anymore, let me go. Stop using my love for you.

Never felt lonelier. This half a year had been really painful and the betrayal brought a different dimension to this relationship. Something that I once refused to let go, however hard it becomes, is slowly crumbling. I am feeling really sad and lonely. It’s always all about YOU anyway, my feelings never did matter, or rather I never did matter.

Me, living for us, while you live, just for yourself.

My struggling self , my lonesome self, my battered self and my torn self. I wish I had the courage to get the tattoo like you did, as a stark reminder of this cold love. But actually, I made the scar awhile ago and it takes some real reminders. Please wake up !!!!

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