Happy Valentines Day To Those Of Us With Shattered Hearts

I was so busy wrapping the present and writing the card quietly in the dark with the torch from my iPhone that I forgot to take a photo of it.

I was so afraid to ask what is our (or rather her) plan that I waited for an opportunity on that morning.

I was so dejected after hearing that tone of disdain (yet again) coupled with ‘U mean dinner with you? I ll get my own’.

I was so reminded of last v-day delivery efforts that was once again unappreciated.

I was so sad when we sang those love songs at the karaoke last night and I was longing for just some affection and respect.

I was so determined to break up with her because I kept seeing this entire vicious cycle of hot and cold treatment being hurled at me, with varying intensity and duration.

I was so sorry for myself that I cried again today because she cannot answer when she will no longer be angry.

I was trying hard to love her so much that I can’t see that she loves me no more.

I was hers and I am mine now.


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