You have a Facebook Friend Request

I am deadpan sure, it is an erroneous tap! There is no way she will want to be my friend since we had that quarrel many years ago. 

The account that she said, to show off a better life and was meant to add me later. I actually believed it and now thinking back, it could either be true or just a lie. I can’t tell anymore. 

Though it can be a small mistake, it set my heart beating fast. Tapping away and thinking aloud. What am I supposed to do about it? Accept, only to be removed or blocked later? Or just leave it as a loving memory in my inbox? Gosh, even something so small is worthy of keeping! Stop hoarding such useless memories and mementoes. It all does not mean anything. If the person can ignore you and devalue you, why should anything else matters? 

Just go to sleep. Stop wasting grey matter on lost cause. And, please don’t over analyse. You will just hurt yourself. Rest well, my tired body and soul. 

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