Happy 11th anniversary 

I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do today. Despite asking twice on Sunday if she wanted to do dinner, she said she is still unwell. I tried a last-ditch effort today by proposing massage which is something that she likes. I was expecting to be chided, but she just say no because she had to work late due to event preparation. At least she didn’t get angry with me. I was quite worried that she would. 

I wanted to send our 2004 photo to her, but I was afraid that she would get angry instead and scold me for disturbing her. So I took a safer approach and just reminded her to take meals and medications. Though I really wanted to say thank you for loving me and to say I love you to her. 

My initial plan of going to the beach alone with the entire cake was abandoned. Went for massage and shopping. Came back around 10pm with my cake. Still thinking whether to bring some for her Tmr.. See how then.. Dunno if she will eat it or just give away. 


   Happy anniversary bb boo boo Jing! Love you for now, for always. 

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