An assortment of emotions

Can’t quite pinpoint exactly the kind of feelings that I have now.

A sense of rush as I am left with little time to prepare the necessary.

A sense of elation to hear from you again.

A sense of frustration at my own indecisiveness.

A sense of burden as I had to stomach.

A sense of resignation as I come to terms.

Let’s hear what the heart says, cometh wednesday.


Love works in wondrous ways

While I was hurting and aching a week ago regarding your physical presence locally, you kept away for the entire week.

Once you had physically departed, a calm serenity descends and a whole load of contemplation to ‘let it go’ engulfs me.

Yet out of the blue, a barrage of photos and words via email flowed like an L5 rapid for 24 hours. How am I supposed to do with you?

I can’t live without you. You can’t live with me.

We live independently and yet seems dependable on each other indeed.

Love works in wondrous ways indeed!

P.s. Grand Hotel Budapest is one quirky movie that enthralls your sense of dark sardonic wit and beguiles you with its misshaped A-listers.