A weekly photo challenge

Was pretty bored with all the surfing (and snooping) and chanced upon a few blogs that I had actually followed much earlier on WordPress.

Refer to the 3 photos challenge that I am responding to. These photos were taken last year when I went to Japan. It was at the tsukiji fish market in tokyo which I heard, will be moved subsequently to another bigger location.

Below are my photos of
I. An establishing Shot
II. An interaction
IIi. Detail





A leisure afternoon

A leisure afternoon with mom spent in our newest heartland mall. Just mindless chatter and idle shopping without stress.

Bumping into an old lady in a wheelchair reminds us both of gramps. I was trying so hard to stifle my emotions that I dare not take another look. Coincidentally, an acquaintance’s gramps just passed away and I tear at typing the condolence message. Ah ma! I miss you so much and wish we had more time together. Trying to make up to my parents what I had missed over the past decade while staying out with bb.

Mum remarked that bb is cold in her replies. I could only give the excuse that she is busy rather than risk letting her know that we are at cold war. It has been three months since and I wish bb could befriend me again. Every single hour I thought of her and miss her so much. The thought of being shut out sometimes drive me raving mad and yet I know I can’t do a thing about it.

Wish I could bring her to Tiffany and co and choose our anniversary ring together. Bb… I love u !!!

My maiden post in the name of love

I don’t know how I can reach out to my bb constantly without being such a pain. I guess, keeping it on a blog is better than jus sending email randomly.

I don’t know how long my attention for blogging will last but I will jus strive to preserve my memories in this platform, at least at this very juncture. That of uncertainty, gloom and craze.

Though stuff uttered could be so repetitive, it still tug at my very heart string. One that is so forlornly attached and beating.

My colleague shared earlier this week during lunch, at how awkward the affectionate term, ‘baby’ gives her goosebumps and I was quietly smiling to my ‘bb’ and ‘boo boo Jing’. I have no qualms calling out in public but bb did tell me to not call her bb in dec/feb holidays cos pple looked. Last night, she told me to stop calling her bb, becos it irks her. A term of endearment whose sound she no longer attuned to not stomach at this point in time.

I know I am not best in following up but always the worst in f**king up. It ain’t new at all. Murphy’s law always prevails in my case, with 100% accuracy.my middle name is disaster.

Made a pot of winter melon soup! Again.. Too much water after adding the ribs and melons. Stupiiiiddddd! Don’t I ever learn.. Aarrgh…. Results: bland soup with mushy melons.