A sick bout and a close shave

Had a heavy lunch of katsu don and didn’t feel good around 4pm. Could not pinpoint the cause though a few suspects could be the culprit:
1. Oily food
2. Contaminated water from my bottle
3. The crazy heat
4. Infectious virus from random stranger at the airport

Puked like 4 times in office and left an hour early from office. Drove back with a plastic bag next to me.

On way home, as I was turning right with the green man and arrow in my favour. On the other side, another car went straight. Had I turned a little later, he might have hit me.

I turned to glare at the driver and saw him chatting on his phone with an ear piece. He was a lone car who stopped after passing the line.

What an idiot which could almost cause me my life ! Such dangerous behaviour should not be tolerated. It’s a pretty small road and probably there is no red light cameras. I hope it will be a lesson learnt for him and not be on the phone next time when he has such concentration lapses.

Feeling much better physically after a 3-hour nap and should be getting some congee to soothe the acidic stomach. Still feeling down emotionally and I am sure it won’t go away for a while. Shall continue to strive to make a difference to me and my world. I can also do so much and hypnotize myself that this is just a phase. What others feel or choose to treat me is beyond my control.

Soldier on!


Painful afternoon

Tug tug tug… The pain of NGL (那個來) starts from the afternoon. Affected my 仁心解碼II watching efforts and thought that a nap will alleviate the pain.

It stopped for the past few minutes and now it’s back.. Looks like it ll be a bedridden weekend!