If I can let go…

Letting go of someone who no longer plays an important role in your life is easier said than done. Despite nodding furiously to majority of the points (if not all), I still could not walk away from her.

I could have let her go and buy her own food. Yet I still got her food. Maybe everyone is right, I created this mongster whom demands the world of me and yet belittles me at every single opportunity. By allowing her to get away with this tyrannical behavior, how could I ever expect her to change? I don’t know where we are heading and I guess the quest is still on. Let’s just see what it leads me to.

It was a horrible morning. One which we were blasted badly and I felt could have been better dealt with lesser hostility. I think I need some training in dealing with such difficult situations and be less confrontational.

School starts this week and I better start mugging for my first assignment in two weeks’ time. Gosh!! How time flies!!!!

Need to cut down on the weight further as I am feeling pudgy these few days. Very greedy and I had been secret eating! Aarghhhh!! Need to make sure I stay on the super skinny and not morph into super siZe again!!! How many times is my weight gonna yo yo…


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